Hoodsite is an uncensored crime news and media website which reports on real life events. Due to the graphic nature of some content found on our website, access is restricted to adults of 18 years of age and older. Videos found on Hoodsite can be bloody, offensive, shocking and upsetting.

Hoodsite – Uncensored Crime News

Hoodsite was founded on the following fundamental principles; freedom of expression, freedom of the press and the right of the public to be informed.Hoodsite does not condone any of the actions found in the videos posted on its website. Hoodsite’s mission is to inform, raise awareness and educate on real life events and situations occurring around the world. By self censoring yourself to the content found on Hoodsite, you are censoring yourself from reality.

No accident is beautiful, no crime is pretty, no homicide is nice to look at. But by not seeing these situations for what they truly are, you are censoring yourself from the truth and accept being lied to by not seeing things with your own eyes. Censorship used by those who detest freedom and progress, simply to stop truths or ideas from coming to light. To censure content just because some may find it blasphemous, obscene or moral-corrupting should be of utmost concern.

When you learn how violent our world is, only then will you be able to make your own opinion on the matter and see the truth. Uncensored crime news and cartel videos, brutal street fights and gore videos, graphic violence, police news on (hoodsite.live). So, we are Decided to bring the site back to life to set the record straight and to warn you all about potential malware. Don’t believe the lies being spred on Reddit nor on Youtube or any other platform for that matter.

Since a lot of you are curious, I decided to cease Hoodsite. A few months back, I mentioned to you guys how gore websites were harder to monetize due to the nature of the graphic content. Having exhausted a lot of my resources, it was not worth it for me to keep the site running any longer. A high traffic website costs money, bandwidth, web servers… It also turned out that I was the target of a hacker/hackers.

Since mid 2020, these people were infiltrating my business with bots, spam accounts on my social media, in my website comments… then mass reporting my content in hopes of getting it removed and getting me shutdown. It was not hacked, nor shutdown, nor anything for any reason whatsoever. I decided to cease operations. WTV is being said, is a lie and complete utter bullshit.

These people are spam experts and will stop at nothing to try and monetize off my brand or create bullshit stories and lies about my brand. This definitely feels like the work of a competitor. I have a lot of evidence of all the damage done against my brand and some people will find themselves behind justice and face me in a court of law. All in due time. As of Hoodsite, I’ll keep you all posted shortly and in the meantime, anyone claiming to be the new Hoodsite website must not be trusted and may install malware on your device.

That being said, I am grateful for everything that happened, I have learned so much in the past few months and am looking forward to new beginnings. What can I say, when you build a website worth millions and getting the amount of traffic that I was receiving, you become a target online. My eyes are wide open now.

By visiting hoodsite.live, you acknowledge and agree that you are at least 18 years of age, that you wish to view adult-oriented content, and that the viewing or downloading of such materials does not violate the legal standards of your country.